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Are bilingual brains healthier?

Being truly bilingual, that is speaking more than one language on a regular basis, has its advantages. Aside from the practical ones, such as possibly being more employable, there are other perks. Bilingualism appears to be brain-friendly. As previously discussed … Continue reading

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Stress and hippocampal size

“How our bodies respond to stressors to a large effect determines our overall health.” (Frodle & O´Keane, in press). The seahorse is a delicate little thing. So is its cerebral namesake. The hippocampus, which is the scientific name of the … Continue reading

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Old brains, young brains and healthy brains.

In Gulliver´s Travels (1726) Jonathan Swift described the darker side of very advanced age. The immortal Struldbrugs of Luggnugg did not enjoy the everlasting wisdom, knowledge and happiness that Gulliver longed for himself. Rather, they all lost their memory, forgot … Continue reading

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