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Blindsight: The seeing blind

Even though your eyes are neccessary for you to see, they are not sufficient. For conscious vision, you also need the visual areas at the back of your brain. People with damaged visual cortex are cortically blind, even though their … Continue reading

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Moderate consumption of alcohol may protect your brain

Long term alcohol abuse can lead to brain shrinkage (both gray and white matter), impairment of mental capacities and dementia. Conversely, moderate alcohol use seems to have positive impact on brain function. Structural brain changes The long-term effects of alcohol … Continue reading

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Can we slow down aging by eating less?

Like you saw here, excessive calorie consumption appears to accelerate the aging process in the brain, in addition to increasing the risk for several chronic diseases. Conversely there is evidence that restriction of calorie intake delays the effect of aging … Continue reading

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Eat your brain out!
Your weight affects your brain

Apparently the daily calorie intake in midlife can affect your cognitive abilities and the risk for Alzheimer’s disease later on. On average the brain shrinks with age, but being overweight appears to accelerate the process. Being overweight might shrink your … Continue reading

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Can smoking protect you from Alzheimer’s disease?

The results of studies on the association between cigarette smoking and Alzheimer’s disease have been contradictory through the years. Earlier case-control studies suggested an inverse relationship between smoking and Alzheimer’s disease, i.e. that smoking seemed to have a protective … … Continue reading

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The smoking brain

Smoking has been associated with increased risk of vascular disease, including vascular dementia and stroke. Smokers have poorer blood supply to the brain and have an increased risk of damage to the brain as a result of interrupted blood flow … Continue reading

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